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As you know, being a family caregiver is a big responsibility and can be extremely challenging. The demands on your time, your finances and your emotions can build up until they feel overwhelming. CAREgivers by Active Generations offers a wide variety of programs that are designed to help you access helpful programs, cope with stress and provide information and resources that can be a valuable asset no matter how long you provide care for your loved one. Click here to learn more about our programs in your area or call 1-800-360-6161 to talk with an Experienced CAREgivers Case Manager.

Stress is a major issue for many long-term caregivers. It can cause loss of sleep, health problems and difficulty performing necessary tasks. CAREgivers offers stress busting classes and information to help you control stress. You may learn more about our classes and support groups by clicking here to see our programs. Below, we have outlined some simple and effective ways to deal with stress.

Ways to cope with stress:

  • Make time for yourself doing something you enjoy – such as reading, taking a brief walk, or chatting with a friend.
  • Practice closing your eyes and taking DEEP BREATHS.
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings, putting them on the page can be a form of release.
  • Try creating an environment that you find calming – light candles, put on soothing music. You could practice taking deep breaths as well.

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