Become a CAREgivers community partner

Family caregivers are in your community and everywhere else. In fact, 99% of South Dakota voters age 45+ have been, currently are, or most likely will be caregivers in the future.

CAREgivers by Active Generations is a non-profit, statewide South Dakota program that partners with community civic groups, religious organizations and businesses to offer family caregivers’ assistance, resources, education and support.

Our community partners receive free training and program guidance to offer caregivers in their community needed resources and support.

Caregiving makes a big impact on small communities

  • Based on program experience, on average there are five caregivers per care recipient. In a small community, long-term care facility has 60 care recipient (beds) that would mean that there would be 300 family caregivers.
  • On average 75 or (1/4) of these 300 family caregivers are currently facing burnout and the remaining family caregivers are beginning the journey of caregiving and/or unaware of the available services in their communities.

CAREgivers’ community partners include: 

  • Civic groups
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Retirement communities
  • Religious organizations
  • Businesses
  • State organizations

Call 1-800- 360-6161 or click here to learn how your group can help family caregivers.

1/3 of South Dakotans will become a family caregiver.